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Gone Kartin is a racing game with multiple different karts and wheels that can be mixed and matched to then be raced with up to 60 AI and 4 players on different maps.

This was made in one week for the Brackeys 2021.2 Game Jam with the theme of "Let there be chaos" and I attempted to make a painfully chaotic racing game with elements from Mario Kart sprinkled in.

Because of the time crunch of the game jam there's a lottt missing or needing to be fixed up, the vehicle controller is really something else but if you practice you can become pretty good at drifting around. There is also no sound at all, I figured that's better than really poor audio.

There's also items you can pick up on every map that can give you boosts or help you knock other karts out of the way in a manner of ways.

As for multiplayer there's a crude split screen system but I didn't get around to adding controller inputs so the controls are as follows :

Player 1

WASD - Movement

Space - Use Item

Player 2

Arrow Keys - Movement

Right Control - Use Item

Player 3

IJKL - Movement

Enter Key - Use Item

Player 4

Numpad 8456 - Movement

Numpad 0 - Use Item

Additional Controls

Numrow 1 - 5 will change the current color palette being used on all models so try them out and see if there's any you like.

I wrote all of the scripts myself and I did all of the 3D modeling myself too. The only resource I had to use was https://www.textures.com/ for various miscellaneous textures.

Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorJordan Millett
GenreRacing, Action
Tags3D, Difficult, Local multiplayer, Physics, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


GoneKartin.zip 26 MB


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Hi! I am playing and streaming top-50 fun games today/tomorrow (starting September 14th at 15:00 UTC and likely for 4-5 hours minimum): https://itch.io/jam/brackeys-6/topic/1644084/streaming-top-fun-ranked-games-on-s...

I'll play your game anyway, but it will be nice to have you on stream:) If you plan to join the stream, please let me know here and I will wait for you to actually join before playing your game (then let me know when you join in the stream chat). If you can't make it to this stream, but still would like to see your game being played live - let me know as well and I'll postpone your game till the next stream.

Keep in mind though that I am typically quite honest and if you join the stream be prepared to hear what I actually think about the game, which might quite disagree with the rankings.


I shall follow you so that I get to play with controller inputs very soon! uwu


the game is fun. the only thing i dislike is how the car turns around more than it should. the game has potential


Yeah once the game jam ends I've planned to fix the vehicle controller and add a bunch of content. Thanks for playing my game!