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In Marshrutka you live and die in a fictional eastern european city, spending each and every night driving a van down lawless streets in order to make ends meet.

As time progresses you must work harder and harder as you battle the never ending cost of bills but favoring speed over safety never bodes well for you and the poor souls in the back of your van.

This game is in an extremely early stage of development and is subject to change. Your feedback is appreciated.

Gameplay :

Try to make money every day by picking up passengers that have valid documents at as many open bus stops as you can find in a night. For now, the only discrepancies to look out for is super abnormal height, weight, mismatched photos/gender, and irregular region names. Good Luck.

Controls :

Steering - WASD

Brights - Q     (makes drivers angry)

Zoom - Z

Interact/Pickup - Left Mouse Button

Put down - Right Mouse Button

Change Station - Scroll Wheel

Developer Console - Tilde (if enabled in settings)

(There are secret phone numbers that'll be removed soon because they contain placeholder music, see if you can find any of them.)

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AuthorJordan Millett
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Driving, First-Person, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Singleplayer, Unity


0.0.3.zip 43 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run Marshrutka.exe

Development log


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